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A new Appletree Tech Talk is online! Today we will address the question: Should I kite surf with a leash?

Why shouldn’t I kite surf with a leash?

You shouldn’t kite surf with a leash, and there’s a really good reason for this. When something goes wrong while kite surfing, you do not want to have your board near. If you get pulled up and the board follows you, it will hit you in the head. The leash can actually wrap around your feet, wrap around your lines. It can cause all kinds of trouble. So basically don’t do it.

But what if I lose my board?

A surfboard will float downwind quite quickly, much quicker than a twintip. So body dragging back to your surfboard, even if you jump and you get really far away, should never take a really long time. If the board gets grabbed by the wave it can be a bit further, but even then it’s still quite easy to get it. We do advise people to get brightly colored boards like this one. They’re way easier to find.

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