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Boundless Waters

Mystic’s goal from day one has been to make lasting products we can embrace for our self-expression, in all its forms. Whether it’s kiteboarding, surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, or foiling, water is what connects us. It runs through us all.

Mystic Boarding proudly embarks on a brand-new narrative with its new tagline Boundless Waters. In their recently launched Manifesto, which guides their campaign, Mystic highlights their evolution from coldwater kids using makeshift gear to teach themselves kiteboarding, to pioneers who have revolutionized the sport. In its 20-year existence, Mystic has expanded its range to include waterwear and accessories for windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing, and foiling – a diversity of water sports aligned by the Boundless Waters tagline, aiming to foster a sense of unity among water sports enthusiasts worldwide. 

Boundless Waters represents how we are not bound by our sport, we are connected by water. The rhythm of the water guides our days and inspires self-expression. While you may only be committed to one of these sports, you can look at a fellow kiter or surfer and instantly understand their love for the water. It’s what sets us apart, as outsiders often can’t grasp our deep bond with the water. Boundless Waters recognizes this as the common thread that unites all riders. 

Mystic’s goal is to make lasting products we can embrace for our self-expression, regardless of the chosen sport. We are dedicated to empowering athletes to push their performance and creatively express themselves on the water. Through Boundless Waters, we can celebrate our shared passion for water, and open a new chapter of possibilities. As it says in our manifesto, we’re excited for the new direction, and whatever may come out of it. 

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Mystic Boarding began as a rebellion. We were cold water kids standing on northern windswept beaches, creating a path of our own. Using makeshift gear, trying to do that which no one dared. Getting up at daybreak, taking turns filming each other until our hands went numb. Bred from a culture of passion, fueled by the pushing of boundaries. We surrounded ourselves with the misfits, the artists – those not contained by the norm – and built a sport from the ground up. It came with a price. Self-taught riders wrecking their bodies, with no one to turn to but each other. We learned, and innovation was born out of necessity. Using nature’s boundless playground, and the rebellious essence we were born with, we created products to express our individuality and authenticity on the water. We’re proud of our wins, of riders past and present who became family. They believe in us just as much as we believe in them. Our goal from day one has been to make lasting products we can embrace for our self-expression – and to push the evolution of water sports together. Whatever that means, we’re excited for what’s next. 

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