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Duotone X Porsche: THE LAST FRONTIER

The Duotone Team head off on a Porsche road trip in Alaska for a kitesurfing adventure unlike any other…

With awe-inspiring scenic beauty, enormous ice-age glaciers and abundant wildlife, Alaska is like nowhere else on earth. It’s a land of adventure and superlatives and is without a doubt one of the most stunning places you could visit. When thinking about a trip to Alaska, one would typically imagine going hiking, wildlife spotting, skiing, snowboarding, glacier trekking and rafting, but not kiting.

Pioneering spirit underlies everything we do at Duotone and together with our partner Porsche, a brand that’s been the epitome of visionary thinking, pioneering spirit, passion and dreams for over 75 years, we put together a team to go shred it up in Alaska.

So Liam Whaley, Matchu Lopes and Reno Romeu packed their warmer wetsuits, the Porsche Rebel SLS and everything else they could possibly need on this wild explorer mission to the last frontier. Inspiring movie director Carlos Guzman and photography mastermind Toby Bromwich were at least as excited about the trip as the riders and the photos and videos speak for themselves.

Come for a mad ride with the crew into the dramatic Alaska wilderness. It was a trip for the ages, with sessions on glacier lakes with massive chunks of ice floating around, crazy conditions, and big ups and downs which come with all trailblazing adventures, but, in the end, the commitment, dedication and dreaming big paid off!

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