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F-ONE: Sultans of Wind

A trip to the Sultanate of Oman where the F-ONE team scored big time. Big Air, freestyle, waves… this place has it all!

Oman… A Middle Eastern dreamscape where the wind blows night and day, sculpting endless waves of sand that break into the Arabian Sea. Our riders journey to the Sultanate for an epic kitesurfing adventure, drifting from spot to spot in the undulating landscape and forging unforgettable memories. From the waves of the Indian Ocean and perfect Big Air spots on Masirah Island, to the pristine lagoons for freestyle along the coasts of the mainland, they travel through the Pearl of Arabia searching for wind and riding every day until nightfall.

Team riders: Maxime CHABLOZ, Mika FERNANDEZ, Hendrick LOPES, Francesca MAINI, Mitu MONTEIRO, Paul SERIN, Marcela WITT.
Director and editor: Olivier Sautet
Voice over: Maxime CHABLOZ
Production: F-ONE
Executive production: MAJAN SEA SPORTS (Marcelo Antunes & Jamal Almaawali)
Photographer: Ana Catarina

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