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How to jump & improve your jumping capabilities

Airush team rider Alex Pastor is here to educate! How to jump and get the best out of your pop…

Alex Pastor says:

“Jumping is the best part of kitesurfing, most people I know have started kiteboarding because they’ve seen people jump super high and it not only looks super fun, it is! For jumping, the most important thing is to have good pop, and being able to optimize your pop will allow you to go much higher on your jumps”.

The 2 important details on a kitesurfing jump or pop:

Timing the pop with kite movement.

The catapult effect for the pop.

Jumping without sending the kite or with the kite low

Now that we know how to jump while sending the kite, we can learn to jump without moving the kite. This is used for wake-style tricks and it’s a little bit harder even though we only have to focus on the board. The harder part is that the kite won’t pull us up that much but it will just send us just a little bit up and more downwind instead.

Unhooked pop or hooked in pop
Another variation is to jump unhooked. For this example, we’re gonna do an unhooked pop without sending the kite like we just saw. Unhooked pops are more useful for that kind of jump although you can also do unhooked jumps while sending the kite it’s a little more dangerous as you can fall from a bigger height.

Common mistakes:

 Jumping downwind

This is when you do the kite movement but you don’t edge with your board, so you go downwind too much as soon as you leave the water, it’s also very hard to land as you will be getting back to the water super fast. Remember it’s super important to focus on edging properly with your board.

Sending the kite back too early.

It’s common that when you’re doing the process of jumping you only think about the steps to follow but don’t think so much about timing them.
So in this case, I’ve seen a lot of people sending the kite back to the front as soon as they gain some height.

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