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FLYSURFER proudly introduce Luca Ceruti to their international Athlete roster.

The South African Big Air competitor from Langebaan will represent us from now on at the GKA World Tour, BAKL, and upcoming Red Bull events. We will support him to fulfill his dreams and achieve his goals. Luca will showcase the performance of our Big Air products and push them to the limit. We are delighted to have such a humble, professional, determined, fun, and approachable person on our team.

Luca’s joining the FLYSURFER team marks a significant career milestone. As a family member, he gets the unique opportunity to work closely with our design team and other talented kiters. In doing so, he will actively contribute his skills and experience to the further development of our kite products.

Luca’s passionate commitment to participating in developing his competition kites demonstrates his dedication and ambition. His focus is not only on personal development and individual success but also on his goal of having a sustainable and positive impact on the next generations of kiteboarders.

Overall, Luca’s continued participation in competitions, along with his new partnership with us, is an exciting step forward in his professional Big Air kiting career. It’s your era to shine!

Luca rides:


Luca Ceruti 707x530 - LUCA CERUTI joins FLYSURFER

Luca was born in Monaco with South African and Italian roots, giving him a unique cultural identity. Living on a boat during the first months of his life may have sparked his inseparable connection to the ocean and fueled his love for traveling. Participating in South African school canoe sprints shows Luca’s early interest in water sports and his competitive spirit. Winning the U14 Victor Ludorum title at a young age highlights his determination. 

At the age of 9, Luca discovered his true passion when he was introduced to kiting by his father. It seems that kiting has become an integral part of his life, as he spends more time on the water than on land. He enjoyed training at the World Class Kiting Academy, which provided him with valuable skills and opportunities for personal and kiting development. His formative time there helped Luca significantly enhance his skills in the sport. Luca also holds an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Ticket and an IKO instructor certification. 

Luca has participated in all international Big Air competitions for a year and a half! In this relatively short period, he has made significant progress and has made a name for himself in the scene. Under the expert guidance of his coach and driven by immense passion for the sport, support from his family, and collaboration with FLYSURFER, the stage is set for a successful future. 

Immerse yourself in his story, marked by highs and lows, and discover what drives him! 

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