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Naish House Brazil is back!

Grab some popcorn (this is a 30 minute vid) and head to your nearest 4K television because Naish House is back! Continuing a 14-year legacy, riders from the Naish Kiteboarding team embark on an adventure that is packed with freestyle, freeride and big air kitesurfing in some of the most remote and beautiful spots in the Northeast of Brazil. Get ready to experience the connection between nature and kiteboarding with the Naish team.

Starring: Stig Hoefnagel, Cohan van Dijk, Louka Pitot, Nadja Bianchet, Jinne Boer, Ewan Jaspan, Leo Verrecchia, and Ray Borg

Presented by: Naish Kiteboarding
Film Production: The Stoke Farm
Director: Edwin Haighton
Editor: Edwin Haighton
Production Coordinator: Ray Borg

Thank you to our additional supporters: Revo, Insta360, Noir Matter, and Vertra

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