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Return to Sender. Namibia 2022

Jett Bradshaw, Graham Howes and videographer Kyle Cabano set off on an epic journey of discovery into Namibia…

Sometimes you need to leave your back garden to feel gratitude for what you have back home. Their hearts were set on one last mission before the Cape Town season started. North riders Jett Bradshaw, Graham Howes and Cameraman Kyle Cabano, embarked on a 3000km roundtrip to Namibia.

Seeking an untouched paradise rumouring 50 knot winds and a carload of Orbits in every size, the trio head north across endless mountains and dunes to a bay known for breaking speed records. Somewhere along the way, they learned you don’t always need 40 knots to have the time of your life. Life sometimes gives you lemons, or in this case, oranges. Luckily, these guys have an excellent recipe for orangeade.

“Be present, have fun, it tastes really sweet.” – Jett Bradshaw

It Calls.


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