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Rita Arnaus

February 1st 2023 – GKA Freestyle World Tour stop in Qatar – Semifinals: Rita goes for a backside 3 to build a solid score base – a very consistent trick for her but she crashes. Crashing is part of the game. Usually, you get away with it. Not today. Diagnosis: Rita tears her ligaments in the left knee and damages the meniscus.

‘Head Up Again‘ is a story of emotions, setbacks, and hard work paying off. It tells the story of a determined character. It transfers the spirit of accepting the initial disappointment and having the discipline to move past setbacks. Injuries always suck. The initial denial followed by the devastation is intense. But so is the desire to come back. This episode serves as a reminder that all challenges can be mastered. It shall inspire you to have a positive mindset and keep your head up.

Today, eight months past, Rita is back on the water doing what she loves most. During the healing process, she learned to listen to her body even more carefully. Feeling the momentum on her side, Rita will be back fighting for scores soon. They say “Coming back stronger”. In Rita‘s case, it might not be just a phrase…

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