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Road to Double Loop

Would you do a double loop for a North Kiteboarding sponsorship? Jetto would, or at the very least – he’ll try.

Join him in this debut episode of the ROAD TO DOUBLE LOOP series, where 2021 King Of The Air, Marc Jacobs, prepares Jetto for his biggest challenge yet: a ‘proper’ Double Loop, in 40knots.

Episode One begins in North Kiteboarding’s heartland, New Zealand, where Jetto takes some persuading before jumping on a plane to the windiest place on earth: Cape Town, South Africa. Here he’ll be equipped with a fresh quiver of Orbits before heading to a particularly shallow beach.The goal of the series is to allow you to follow the journey of an amateur kiteboarder, as they attempt the impossible. With the help of world class coaching and equipment, of course.

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