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STORMING with James Carew: S2 EP1

They say time stands still when you’re in the green room… a gateway to a whole new level of heaven.

We are back for a second season with James Carew in the Storming video series. Celebrating his second GKA Kitesurf world title for 2022! He has been spending his off season, between events chasing the ultimate kite surfing around the world. Pushing the limits of what is possible from big wave surfing, kitesurfing the heaviest slabs and following the storms to where they lead.

James takes us on his journey and this is the first stop along the way… Linking up with Matchu Lopes, vice world champion to chase a forecast and score some of the worlds heaviest waves. They push each other to the limits to score what must be some of the best kite surfing barrels to date… what a session! “Thats Storming!!!”

Filmed and Edited – Tom Court

Produced – Duotone Kiteboarding

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