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THIS WAS 2022! – Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone drop their team wrap video for 2022!

We couldn’t have scripted a better string of results over the past season. Our athletes dominated podiums and dropped inspiring projects from every corner of the planet. This is the power of #TRUEKITEBOARDING at it’s finest.

Gianmaria showed the world with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Becoming Freestyle world champion alongside Mika who wrapped up her 6th title just before her 18th birthday, in 2 different disciplines. Freestyle and Big Air.

Australian powerhouse, James Carew, showed he’s no one hit wonder and claimed his 2nd Kitesurfing World Title.

The big air discipline ushered in a new era of Young Blood that has rattled the scene. World champion Andrea Principi and King of the Air Lorenzo Casati have flipped the script and redefined the boundaries of Kiteboarding as we know it.

For us at Duotone, it’s all about developing the best tools for the job. Our dedicated product designers and engineers work relentlessly to innovate and push the boundaries of design. If 2022 turned out like this… We will surely keep the pedal to the metal and see what we can whip up for 2023! Thank you for trusting in us… Our motivation is high and we will continue to #SETTHETONE 🚀

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