Court In The Act – KITE & CARVER SKATE freeride!

Tom Court is back for another episode of Court in the Act…

For me it is all about finding new spots, space to kite with as few people as possible and the freedom to ride how you like. So the search continues out here in the Canary Islands to make the most out of every days conditions. Each day has delivered something different, weather it is the wind direction, swell size, or just simply taking the Caver Skateboard out for a shred… there are always options to get your shreddies…

A Carver Surf Skate is a great training tool, not just to keep you fit and warm between sessions but it is a great tool for training your surfing and body movements for when you are on the water… I really rate these boards and now travel with one every where I go, just incase I find a skate spot like this one!!?

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