tom court - Court In The Act - KITE SURF SHRED & WING SKATING

Tom Court is back for another episode of Court in the Act Vlog #156. 

Coming into the last days of the trip, there are only so many hours in the day, so we pack as much in as possible. Starting with a light wind shred early morning at Flag Beach, Fuerteventura. Some wing action followed by as strapless wave riding surf shred on my Whip SLS and then driving to the other side of the island to take the Carver for a Wing Skate on the deserted roads of the north shore… Before we head back to the UK, its important to make the most of the full shred that is available here!! Busy days!! If you have any questions about anything mentioned, ask in the comments bellow… trimming kites, rigging kites, setting up harness, skateboards or using the click bar… let me know…

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