Gin Kiteboarding for the World Record

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Check out this World Record challenge from Gin Kiteboarding!

It is in Gin Kiteboarding’s DNA to constantly be on the lookout for new challenges and more boundaries to push. It is with great pride that we officially announce our joint undertaking to attempt to break the world speed sailing record with SP80.

SP80 is a team of highly skilled EPFL engineers and students who are combining sailing, kiteboarding and engineering with the bold purpose of outperforming the current world sailing speed record. The team is currently building a trimaran boat, able to reach 80 knots (150 km/h) with the wind as its sole source of power. Gin Kiteboarding’s kites will be at the heart of the action. We have been given the duty to design a custom kite, a crucial element for breaking the world record. The kites will be very different from traditional ones. They will be specifically tailored to the boat. Besides, the considerable loads they will have to bear at 80 knots (150 km/h) require fabrics, bridles and lines developed specifically for the record. All of these elements put together require significant research and development work from our kite foil engineer Hans Bollinger. His remarkable know-how and great experience in the kite and paragliding world allow him to take on this challenge with passion and devotion.

Check it out below.

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