Looking for the Wind – Moscow

looking for the wind moscow - Looking for the Wind - Moscow

Thanks to the good people at kiteclass.ru for sharing this with us!

What are people looking for in concrete jungles of a big city? Each of us has our own history. Looking for the wind and for himself, Nikolay Rakhmatov, a Russian pro-rider of F-One Kiteboarding gets into the most unexpected and unveiled corners of Moscow city. And if you still live with a stereotype that there is no snowkiting in Russia, than get rid of everything that you are doing now, lean back, get cozy and fetch some pop-corn! And if at the end it seems to you that the authors have not told everything to the viewer, you will be absolutely right! A good movie always implies a line ” to be continued…”


Rider: Nikolay Rakhmatov

Edit: Anton Klapyshev

i[email protected]

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