The Freedom to Fly

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If you were ever in any doubt about the power and prestige that comes with the title (and the process) of being a King of The Air, this video from Jesse Richman pretty much sums it up. And then some…

Mad stuff.

Learn to Fly:

Where are we, if we are not in the pursuit of progress? Physically, mentally, technologically, the world about us evolves every day at an exponential rate. Should we choose to stay where we are, the world will pass us by; choose to progress, and the possibilities are endless.

With a kite in my hand, I know that I've just begun to explore the limits of what is possible. Years ago, I only dreamt of the tricks that I am, now able to share with you here.

The 2018 Red Bull King of the Air was quite a ride and didn’t end the way I had envisioned it; midway through my semi-final heat, I let off the gas for just a second too long and paid the price. It was this, falling short of the finals with a 4th place finish, that gave me the opportunity to grow and come back stronger.

Where some see failure, I see opportunity. Every trick, here, took thousands of wipeouts to finally succeed. The further we push our limits the further we evolve. Every day we have the opportunity to become more of whom we wish to be.

Words: Jesse Richman

2018 Red Bull King of the Air
Dirty Habits Film // Alden Simmer Edit

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