Tom Court jumping a car

The pandemic is obviously getting to Tom Court… 

Thinking about doing stupid things is what I seem to do a lot lately, with the rise of free riding due to Covid-19 and the lack of events has lead to a lot of people looking for alternatives. Luckily, doing stupid things is my speciality and in this episode I return to my countryside kitesurfing spot in the middle of rural England (Isle of Wight) on Tapnell Farm to see if I can score a good kiteboarding session with the new Land Rover Defender 110.

This time there is more wind and I use the Duotone Juice 15m to power me through the gusty wind and I manage to jump the car, despite the light wind. Kiting is a versatile sport and the free ride potential for opening up different locations to ride has massive potential… so in my theme of novelty sessions, I hit this country lake to score a few tricks… this is a ‘Novelty Countryside Kite session’ with Sam along for the ride to shoot some photos!!


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Nick Jacobsen – Just a normal ride

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