Top 4 kitesurf spots south of Matas Blancas

Duotone rider Julia Castro takes us to the infamous flat water spot: Matas Blancas. Here she will share all of her tips and tricks. 

In this second chapter, we will visit the infamous flat water spot: Matas Blancas. It is located just before Costa Calma if you’re coming from the airport. This spot is located inside the municipality of Pájara, Fuerteventura.


  • Recommended level: all levels can kite here. It is a great beginner’s spot as well as more pro-level since the water it’s so flat that everybody can enjoy it.
  • Wind direction: offshore with a bit of side wind. Careful: I don’t recommend to kite in this spot if the school is closed and there’s no rescue. If something happens you will end up traveling for free to África.
  • Beach: mainly small rocks and a few sandy places.
  • Tide: tide does not matter on this spot. Enjoy
  • Cometa: wind here is usually strong. Kiting on a 5m kite is the usual here. You’ll also need a 7m. In winter you will be able to kite on bigger kites.
  • Wind season: from March to August. Rest of the year is also windy but not every day.
  • Wetsuit: in summer you might be able to kite even without wetsuit or with a thin shorty. Winter: 3/2 should be enough.
  • Water: so flat!
  • Services/Kite school: kite, windsurf and surf school with bathroom and showers.


  • Location on the map
  • School’s website
  • Video filming and edition: Loic Michel (@loicmichelphotography)
  • Subtitles in German: Malika Habermann (@malikahabermann)
  • Video sponsored by the Municipality of Pájara (

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