Wet Crow | Reece Myerscough

Reece Myerscough shows us what gets up to when he is not competing on the Kitesurf World Cup.

When he’s not competing for the Kitesurf World Cup, Reece Myerscough becomes a creator of things. Whether it’s designing boards for Ocean Rodeo, building backyard CNC machines, or just carving innovative new lines on the water behind a kite… he’s out there, creating.

As Ocean Rodeo’s chief board designer, Reece needs to understand what works: the how, where and why. This guides that magic touch… It’s how the Reece-designed ‘Tumbler’ became the board-of-choice for Big Air superstar Giel Vlugt in his campaign for Big Air domination. It’s what makes the eye-catching Jester and Creep two of the most effective directional boards in kitesurfing. It’s a magic touch that you’re soon going to see in a fresh new line up of Ocean Rodeo boards too.

Wet Crow sees him drawing inspiration from the conditions he finds in his native Vancouver Island, where legendary Canadian filmmaker Nate Laverty trailed him over the course of 18 months, capturing Reece in some of the most awe-inspiring spots you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

For more Reece, visit @Reece’s Shred Lab



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