Why Jesse Richman will NOT be at the 2021 King Of The Air

Jesse Kota - Why Jesse Richman will NOT be at the 2021 King Of The Air

Jesse Richman, winner of the 2020 Red Bull King Of The Air decided not to compete in the 2021 King Of The Air.

He shares with us the reason why he made this call. What a Legend! He recently shared this on his social media: “This year I’m turning down my spot at KOTA and giving it to the next rider in line. I’m so excited for the next generation of big air Kiteboarders to step up and show the world what they have got. No one wants to see me up on that podium again; we all want to see something new and exciting. Someone new. We are here to have fun and make the world a better place for those who come next. I welcome the next generation to step up and make us proud, to assist in the natural evolution of our sport. I’m so very excited to embrace this new chapter and to see how ridiculous things can get. Yes, it can be scary to turn down my spot at the King of the Air, but by doing that, I can welcome in so much more. Also, nothing is permanent; who knows what the future will bring.

Who doesn’t want to be the Satchel Paige or Kelly Slater of their sport? But, to get there, I know that I need to follow my heart first and foremost.

Thank you for sharing this ride with me. It’s only just the beginning.”


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