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Tangled Lines: Deury Corniel

Deury Corniel was Vice World Champion in freestyle in 2019 and Youth World Champion before that. This year, despite recovering from a knee injury, he has been giving the other freestyle competitors a run for their money, as well as competing in Formula Kite foil racing. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this talented rider from the Dominican Republic, and also what his fellow pros are keen to ask him…

PHOTOS: Svetlana Romantsova, Suami Cavallo and Corniel Production 

Keahi de Aboitiz

It is amazing to see the talent that has come out of the Dominican Republic with guys like yourself and some of the other riders that have had some great results on tour. How did you get your start in kiting?

I started kiting when I was only nine years old, in Cabarete. My brother Ariel was a great inspiration for me. He is truly the one that pushed me into the sport and motivated me to keep going. Cabarete is one of the best spots to kite in the whole world, so honestly it has been amazing to practice my skills in this awesome country and surrounded by such talented riders.

Hannah Whiteley

You always seem to be the happiest, most upbeat person on the beach. What is your secret?!

I just try to keep smiling both on and off the water. I have no secrets, but truly kiting and this life I get to live makes me the happiest man alive, especially after being able to make my family’s dreams come true such as building my birth mother’s first house. Nothing can stop me from being happy and doing what I love.

James Boulding

Where did the nickname Black Panther come from – La Pantera Negra?!

Well the Black Panther, as many of you may know, is a Marvel comic and movie. It has become one of my favorite movies growing up and its story inspired me so much in terms of how strong and fearless the panther is. If you haven’t watched this movie then I highly recommend it, then you can see for yourself what I am talking about!


And let’s clear something up – is your name Adeuri or Deury?!

From a young age, my mom always called me Adeuri. When I was visiting my father, he called me Deury. I never noticed it or asked them what my real name was. Back in 2014, I was working at MaiTai Cabarete with Susi Mai, helping tourists with their kites and so on. I got advice on how to acquire a passport – I wasn’t expecting to travel, but thought I should get one. When I received my passport, I realised what my real name was: Deury. Since everyone called me Adeuri at the time, I continued using this name. However, now that I understand the exposure and importance of the social media world, I have to change it so everything I do goes under my real name…

Camdyn Kellett

You have such an incredible attitude to kiting and I’m stoked to see your hard work pay off! What keeps you going with such passion even through setbacks such as injury?

When I started kiting, I had no idea what life I had ahead of me. Injuries are part of the game, and it only made me stronger in a way. I love this sport and I love pushing the limits. Other riders and my willpower are what keeps me motivated and hungry to reach my dreams.

Annelous Lammerts

What tip do you have for kiteboarders who want to learn how to do unhooked tricks?

My tip and life motto is: go big or go home! Leave the fear behind and get to it. It is also important to know when you are ready to start unhooking. We are not all the same, so depending on your level you can make the decision whether it is a good idea or not.


How important have your sponsors been to your career?

Sponsors play a huge part in my career. I owe everything to each one of them, and want to thank them one more time for believing in me and supporting me since day one! Being a professional kiter is a full-time job – there is so much behind the scenes that not everyone fully appreciates, like meetings, logistics, projects, and so much more. I love every single part of it and wouldn’t change it for anything. It is hard to get gear shipped to the Dominican Republic though. Living on an island is beautiful and amazing, but when it’s time to receive something new, the best way is to fly to Miami and bring it back yourself!

Rita Arnaus

Do you see yourself growing more in freestyle or hydrofoil discipline in kiting?

To be honest, I am still trying to decide which path to take. It is really hard to keep up with both disciplines but not impossible. I might just challenge myself one more time, and prove that I got this and I can go through with it!

Julia Castro

You’re a great inspiration for the people in your country! How do you reckon that having kiting in the Olympics will help inspire them and help kiting in general?

Kitesurfing becoming an Olympic sport is something huge for all of us kiters and water enthusiasts. I am very sure that this big news will inspire many riders out there to get started on Formula Kite and push their limits to get that gold medal.

Lorenzo Calcaño

How is your knee doing after your injury? Are you 100% back to the game?

Over the summer I have been training really hard both in freestyle and foiling for Formula Kite, and I can finally say that everything seems good with my knee. After a little accident in Colombia, I took it easy for a couple of months, and that time off really only helped me become stronger. I am 100% back in the game and I cannot wait to see what 2023 holds for me.


If you had to ride only one kite size and one board for the rest of your kite career what would it be?!

My favorite size kite would be the Cabrinha FX2 11m, and my favorite board is the Cabrinha CBL 139×42.

Alby Rondina

Since you are feeling more and more Italian, what’s your favorite spot to ride in Italy?!

Without a doubt, my favorite spot in Italy is Pro Kite Alby Rondina in Lo Stagnone! You all know what I am talking about. Nobody else dreams of that flat water as much as I do!

Karlie Thoma

What do you do to keep yourself fit and prevent injuries?

Hard training and a good diet plays a huge part in my career and really does help prevent injuries. Something that is also extremely important is time off the water to give your body a break. I try really hard to fit some stretching and foam rolling into my routine – I have researched it and found only positive outcomes, so for sure try to add this to your weekly routine.

Hannah Whiteley

Would you rather live in the North Pole for six months or Scotland for six months?

North Pole for six months, 100%. Visiting the North Pole is an experience I would love to do in my life.


What do you like to do after a good day kiting at home?

A good day kiting at home means a hydrofoil session in the morning when no one else is in the water, and a freestyle session in La Boca in the afternoon. After going huge during a sunset session, I usually like to relax at home with family or friends, and maybe have a glass of wine to finish off the day and release the stress. Many times we go to La Boca and shoot videos which help me see my progression, so another thing I love to do is watch those clips and edit them so that later I can show you guys on my social media channels.

Julia Castro

How do you think we can help more young kids from countries like the Dominican Republic or Brazil to be able to compete in the complete World Tour?

I would love for the next generation to come out and be able to experience what we got to experience. As a Cabrinha rider, one of my goals is to support this generation and start by providing them with the gear they need to improve their riding and get recognized by people and other brands from all over the world.

Paul Serin

You’ve shown multiple times that you have the capacity to be Freestyle World Champion but you’re just missing it by an inch every year. How do you stay motivated? Is the goal the same for 2023?

Motivation will always be there, even if one day I do make it and become World Champion. It is something that runs in my blood and I love the feeling of it. I have a few goals for 2023 that I am not ready to share with you yet!

Marie-Lou Fourré

Can you give us a sneak peek into what you’re planning?!

It is a secret! But stay tuned on my social media – @deurycorniel – to find out more in the next few weeks or so.


Do you know most of the other kiters in the Dominican Republic and do you hang out together after a session?

In Cabarete, we are all family. We hang out by the beach, kite together and push each other. Lorenzo, who is my brother from another mother, comes down to Cabarete specifically to train together and push our limits. There is nothing better than kiting with friends who motivate you to become better and better.

Annelous Lammerts

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I have a vision, and I see myself teaching my little ones how to kite and give them everything I didn’t receive when I was a kid. I also see myself owning a couple of businesses and investing in many ways possible in the kitesurfing world. I already have an online pro center, and during my off season I am open to teach anyone out there how to kite, foil or wing, and how to push your limits. Just waiting for the perfect time to turn all of this into something bigger.

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