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TheKiteMag 57 TMAI Naish Psycho Nvision 7 1200x800 - TELL ME ABOUT IT: Naish Psycho Nvision

TELL ME ABOUT IT: Naish Psycho Nvision

Take a closer look at this issue’s cover and you’ll spot the brand-new kite in Naish’s range, the Psycho Nvision, dedicated to Big Air and incorporating Aluula material. Ewan Jaspan tells us all about it.

Photos Andy Troy and Samuel Cardenas

TheKiteMag 57 TMAI Naish Psycho Nvision 4 - TELL ME ABOUT IT: Naish Psycho Nvision

So, what does the Psycho Nvision bring to the party?!

The Psycho is our Big Air kite in the Nvision range to sit at the top of the Big Air game. It is 100% dedicated to jumping and looping, giving riders of any level confidence to progress their riding. We basically decided we needed a five-strut, performance Big Air kite in the lineup. It was highly requested by our network of industry experts and working it in with our Aluula partnership, we were able to create something that goes bigger than anything we’ve made before.

Would the average rider get on with the Psycho or is it for advanced riders only?

Initially the kite was targeted towards our team riders and others pushing the limits of Big Air, but creating a kite which depowers well, heli-loops with ease, and has confidence-inducing kiteloops, your average rider feels the benefit even more than the pros. Many older or less experienced riders who we conduct testing with found that they got their biggest jumps and softest landing on the Psycho, and I even had some people commit to their first proper loops on the kite as well. This is something that might not be super evident with the naming of the kite, but upon first use, everyone will feel their confidence rise.

TheKiteMag 57 TMAI Naish Psycho Nvision 3 - TELL ME ABOUT IT: Naish Psycho Nvision

And does it cross over to other disciplines?

Obviously, as it is specifically designed for Big Air, we don’t recommend buying this kite if you’re looking at other disciplines. If you are more of an all-around rider, you would want to look towards the Pivot or Pivot Nvision. That being said, it is still an easy-to-use kite; the Helium airframe ensures that it can fly well in light winds and gives it some drift too. So there is no saying you can’t have a great time cruising around, kite foiling or even hitting some waves with this kite.

Talk us through its shape and design that makes it such a Big Air beast.

We have based the kite around the Aluula GC-82 composite material for the airframe (leading edge and struts), meaning the kite can be designed in a different way from the get-go. This is the first time we have done this, with the process usually being redesigning a Dacron kite to work with Aluula. So, we began with a small-diameter leading edge and a high-aspect five-strut design. With the aspect ratio being near five, it is the highest aspect kite in our lineup. We kept the arc fairly closed to give a fast steering kite and made the bridle system fixed, meaning no pulleys are needed. This takes a lot more fine tuning – if you add pulleys you can let the kite find its own sweet spot, but you then lose the crisp, direct feel of a fixed-bridle system, which is what we felt this kite deserved and needed.


TheKiteMag 57 TMAI Naish Psycho Nvision 1 - TELL ME ABOUT IT: Naish Psycho Nvision

The sweep of the kite is initially quite low, with it increasing into the wingtip. This is to ensure the bridle sits far forward, allowing you to depower in front of the kite’s center of effort. This also ensures that the kite can surge forward quickly, providing vertical takeoffs and instant recovery from kiteloops. You will notice this especially when looping the 10m for example, a size which generally would not be something easy to loop, becomes safe and predictable through kiteloops.

You brought out the Pivot Nvision recently. Did you carry any design attributes across from that to the Psycho?

As we started the Psycho from scratch, the two kites do not share a whole lot of similarities in terms of feel and design. The GC-82 airframe is featured on both kites, giving incredible balance and efficiency through the sky. They also both feature our Quadtex Canopy which paired with the GC-82 gives you the perfect balance of weight and strength/longevity, outlasting anything on the market. We also learnt a lot about the construction of Aluula and the properties of the material across both kites, so that is something they share as well. But in general, the two kites are completely different.

TheKiteMag 57 TMAI Naish Psycho Nvision 5 1260x754 - TELL ME ABOUT IT: Naish Psycho Nvision
TheKiteMag 57 TMAI Naish Psycho Nvision 2 - TELL ME ABOUT IT: Naish Psycho Nvision

Let’s dive into the finer points of the Psycho’s construction, the real nitty gritty!

This is where we have really made large gains lately and spent a lot of time developing and making sure we are market leaders. Starting off with the Aluula material – one thing that was evident on the market is that some brands have had issues with their Aluula seams, and this is not something that we wanted to encounter at all. Together with our long-time factory IKP, we have developed a closing seam that is completely bomber. It is stiff and the breaking strength is far above what we usually consider necessary, but with the extreme conditions people are exposing their gear to these days, we thought it was needed. We have also eliminated any seam creep, so over time the kite feels the same and loses no strength.

We have also incorporated our profile lock seam on the Psycho, keeping the profile locked in and ensuring it will never billow out over time, meaning your kite never gets that ‘blown-out’ feel after a season of use. We also have new bridle point attachment construction, TLS 400 bridle lines and a bladder that will never let you down (another point of failure on many competitors’ lightweight kites). We also developed new wingtip bladder closure points for our Aluula kites, meaning that at high PSIs the kites will never experience bladder failures or blow outs.


TheKiteMag 57 TMAI Naish Psycho Nvision 6 - TELL ME ABOUT IT: Naish Psycho Nvision

Which team riders have helped in developing the Psycho, and which riders will be using it as their main kite?

Throughout the early stages of the Psycho, we consulted our entire Big Air team for direction, and then started testing with our R&D team on Maui. This included Des and Tim Walsh, Ray Borg and myself. This crew was a great place to start with as we have Ray who was stress testing as a 100kg rider, Tim who is pushing the level in Big Air, Des who wants to go big and is a great kiter but let’s just say is of the older generation who wants an easier-to-jump kite (sorry Des!), and myself, where I am throwing loops and some doubles and basic Big Air rotations. I also find it very important to be able to do the discipline at a high enough level for whatever kite I am designing as it makes data and feedback way easier to analyze and design from. I honestly don’t know how some designers do it who rarely kite or don’t kite anymore! I guess years and years of experience.

In the latter stages, we had huge feedback from Jinne Boer, Timo Boersema and Stig Hoefnagel. We took the kites to Cape Town to put them to the test and make sure that they excelled in the Big Air mecca. We are already seeing that the competitive team riders are using the Psycho as their go-to kite, and so are ambassadors around the world.

You recently brought out Nvision models of your Motion and Alana twintips. Any more Nvision boards planned?

For now, these are the only two twintips in the Nvision range, but the idea of the Nvision range is that it is ever changing, ever evolving to always be releasing products that push the boundaries of the sports. So next year, who knows what the Psycho will look like, as the Big Air scene continues to evolve. There are no limits or restrictions, we may even see an Nvision Traverse park board, as the Big Air industry shifts to hitting launch ramps made of HDPE… haha, we can only dream! But overall, the Nvision range has no strict plans, just innovation to stay at the forefront of watersports. ■

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