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The Mission: Lost Luggage

In the realm of kiting, the anticipation of an idyllic trip can be abruptly reshaped by the unexpected challenges that every kiter knows all too well. Often it’s the airport struggles with boardbags that can transform the dream trip into an unforeseen nightmare, as Pablo Amores was to find out on his visit to Dakhla…

PHOTOS: Joeri Bijlsma
TheKiteMag 55 The Mission Lost Luggage Pablo Amores 9 - The Mission: Lost Luggage
TheKiteMag 55 The Mission Lost Luggage Pablo Amores 4 - The Mission: Lost Luggage

Our journey kicked off one morning, fueled by an optimistic forecast for Dakhla that I had been closely monitoring the week prior. The conditions looked promising, prompting me to swiftly book flights for myself and Joeri Bijlsma, the dedicated filmmaker accompanying me to capture content for my social media channels. Booking our flights on the fly, we were en route to the airport by 1pm. Our journey included a stopover in Casablanca before reaching Dakhla at midnight. Upon arrival, however, we faced the first hiccup – my boardbags hadn’t made it onto the same flight. The ensuing hassle involved engaging with Royal Air Maroc’s crew at the airport, who, unfortunately, had no information about the whereabouts of the boardbags. Thus, the nightmare began.

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The following morning, with no sign of the boardbags, we decided to explore Dakhla town and its surroundings, seizing the opportunity for lifestyle shots and capturing the essence of the place with my film camera. Our stay at Dakhla Evasion, thanks to Med Ghali, offered a pleasant experience with great food, cozy rooms, and good vibes from the hotel crew and fellow guests. With the boardbags still eluding us, the delay prompted a change in plans and we extended our trip by a few more days. Concerned, my family stepped in to investigate, only to discover that the bags were stranded in Malaga due to a supposed size constraint of the plane.

Days later, just before our original departure date, the bags finally arrived, bringing with them my wingfoil and kite gear. Eager to make up for lost time, we headed straight to the waves for an intense session, combining kitesurfing and wingfoiling while capturing the much-needed media content. In the subsequent days, we explored various spots around Dakhla, including Oum Lamboir and La Sarga, capturing the essence of each location. The waves in Dakhla, though not towering, boasted incredible quality – a fantastic training ground for wave riding, especially given its proximity to Spain.

A standout moment for me was a session in the lagoon, ideal for strapless freestyle, where I could practice new tricks like Front Shove-its and double fronts. The wind, at 30 to 35 knots, perfectly suited my 9m, creating flat water conditions. Despite a bit of gustiness and warmer air, the unique atmosphere and proximity to Europe make Dakhla an unparalleled destination for kite enthusiasts. For this trip, I’d brought along (once it finally arrived) my trusty Appletree Klokhouse Noseless 5’2″, perfect for wave riding. It’s like kitesurfing on your everyday surfboard. It has the same flex, weight and feel that everyone loves when surfing. Additionally, my Luke Leaf board was essential for the freestyle sessions in the lagoon, offering versatility for various tricks. Despite the irritation of being without my gear to start with, it was a great trip, and this experience has only fueled my excitement for pushing the limits…

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