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f1 3 - Cabrinha Moto X

Cabrinha Moto X

Cabrinha release the MOTO X, their freeride legend.

The kite that spawned the freeride revolution of kitesurfing and opened up the doors to many new kiters around the world moves into its 16th year and the next step of evolution to this incredibly versatile design.

The introduction of the Hybrid Frame and HTD Lite materials has increased not only the range of one of the most adaptable kites in the industry, but also its performance.

Through the lighter frame and strategically placed materials, the kite is now quicker to respond to rider input allowing for not only increased maneuverability in lighter winds, but also control and responsiveness in higher winds.

The new direct bridle with its low drag materials also help move this kite into an all new realm of performance.

p1 3 - Cabrinha Moto X


Lightweight and indestructible, the EVA Trailing Edge battens give the support you need for the canopy, without the weight and complexity of all other designs.

p3 1 - Cabrinha Moto X


The new Sprint 3.0 inflation system increases air flow from leading edge to the strut. The new straight and angled valves allow for no kinking of the inflation tube. Its secure fit design also allows for easy maintenance.

p2 3 - Cabrinha Moto X


The next evolutionary jump in inflatable structures is HTD Lite.  We took the superior benefits of the proven HTD material which have superior elongation control and combined it with a superior reflex bias recovery and lighter weight construction to elevate the response characteristics and range of the kite.

a1 3 - Cabrinha Moto X

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