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ION Amaze 1200x800 - ION Amaze Waterwomen

ION Amaze Waterwomen

ION proudly presents this year’s women’s range. More than just gear.

ION Amaze  - ION Amaze Waterwomen

Amaze embodies water women who always take their chances.

We believe in embracing every opportunity the conditions present, refusing to confine ourselves to just one sport. The 2024 collection reflects this ethos with upgraded wetsuits, harnesses, and tops designed to empower you in any endeavor.

Whether it‘s catching a wave, going for that new trick or simply taking that first step with a beginner‘s lesson, embrace it all with joy and confidence.

ION Amaze core - ION Amaze Waterwomen


The Amaze Core offers premium performance for an affordable price: It‘s the simplicity that makes the Amaze Core the perfect all-rounder. Stretchy Hot_Stuff 2.0 inside lining cares for optimal heat retention in the most crucial areas while maintaining flexibility. On the back quick-drying Plasma_Plush increases warmth and protection against wind chill.

A smart combination of materials makes sure you get the most warmth with the best stretch amongst its peers. Reinforced stress points make the Amaze Core a robust companion for your adventures. The Amaze Core front zip version is available in four colorways including capsule statement.

ION Amaze shorty - ION Amaze Waterwomen


Represents progressive water women who want to push their limits and own their confidence. Rely on flexible neoprene that keeps up with tricks, wipeouts and paddling. On the inside super smooth Silk_Stuff increases wearing comfort to the max. The slightly longer bikini cut on the backside ensures everything stays in place, so you can focus solely on the surf. Thanks to fused edges and reinforced seams, this summer style does not only look good but comes with the sturdiness you need on your adventures.

Find out more at @ion_waterwomen on Instagram. This is more than just a channel – it‘s a source of inspiration, learning, and connection for female fans everywhere, whether they‘re shredding waves or dreaming of the sea from landlocked locations. Join us as we share ION‘s messages and empower women to embrace their passions.

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