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ION 2023 - ION's 2023 Water collection

ION’s 2023 Water collection

Featuring new wetsuits, harnesses, accessories and more…

Ergonomically individualized product development and progressive designs across the whole range characterize ION‘s 2023 line-up.

ION 2023  - ION's 2023 Water collection

It begins with a healthy body, then comes the fun part… this season, we are proud to extend the Ergo_Concept onto further categories. Introducing the 3D Fit Technology in the hardshell harnesses previously, we now extend the ergonomic harness range to more models. Additionally, the Ergo_Concept is complemented by the all-new helmet range’s 360° fit system.

Max_Flex outside lining… Pushing product development in all categories, the top-tier wetsuit levels are upgraded in their unmatched flexibility. AMP and Select level wetsuits set the bar.

ION will always develop the highest quality accessories, design progressively, and be the innovation leader. We explore, we adventure, we seek thrills, we fail, but then succeed and set out to inspire others. ION represents the versatility of water sports. Gusty winds, gnarly waves, harshest weather – we always have the right equipment for you.

ION 2023 3 - ION's 2023 Water collection

If like us, you believe mobility is crucial for your performance on the water, you’ll love where we took the 2023 wetsuit range.

The Select and AMP level wetsuits are characterized by a never experienced stretch & warmth. Combining Graphene_Plush on the inside with Max_Flex as the outer lining makes the Select not only the warmest wetsuit we ever made but also one of the most flexible ones. Benchmark flexibility can now be found in the AMP level too. Max_Flex in the upper body areas of the Amp level makes it the overall stretchiest suit out there.

The innovative material is also integrated into neoprene tops, all-new booties, and some impact vests. Freedom of movement is  key, no matter if you paddle, pass your bar, and while holding onto your rail, handle, boom, or simply your drink.

ION 2023 4 - ION's 2023 Water collection

Prioritizing the riders’ health, ION extends the 3D Fit Technology from all hardshell harnesses such as the Riot Curv to further waist harnesses. ION introduces the new Ergo_Concept which aims at developing products in cooperation with leading health professionals.

Harness fit at ION not only considers one’s waist circumference but also the rider’s back length. Besides standard sizes, all CURV harnesses are now available in tall sizes i.e. Medium-Tall. In a third dimension, two exchangeable Ergo_Pads ensure an adaption to the individual curvature of one’s spine. New in 2023, the Ergo_Pad is now also featured in most other waist harnesses like the Apex, Radium, or Nova.

The 3D Fit Technology allows every kiter to find their individual fitted harness. A perfect fit is mandatory and will reduce injury potential and pain as well as increase time on the water whilst enhancing your performance.

The new collection is rounded with many more highlights. A completely renewed footwear range, new helmets, new gloves, a bigger wing foil accessory range and so much more. Head to ION’s website for the full range drop.

ION 2023 2 1200x754 - ION's 2023 Water collection

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