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29 NORTH24 PH SF FRANCK BERTHOUT 0141 - North launches 2024 Surf Collection and new Carve

North launches 2024 Surf Collection and new Carve

Adding to the ever-comprehensive North Kiteboarding line-up, here’s their Surf collection for 2024…

The ocean has its own timing and flow. There is no rush. Simply an ever-changing rhythm. North has engineered its new 2024 Surf collection for carving up a wave face, tucking into a barrel and boosting strapless. Let the journey begin.

3 NORTH24 PH SF FRANK BERTHOUT 5579 - North launches 2024 Surf Collection and new Carve


Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13m

Smooth and responsive throughout the full depower range, with fast pivot turns and excellent drift, the 2024 Carve is now much more stable and manageable in gusty conditions.

The new Carve feels lighter, faster turning and more agile. We’ve redesigned the whole kite from top to bottom for better drift and more responsive fingertip-light steering. It has a lowered aspect ratio, new panel layout, refined leading edge and profile for more responsive steering and lighter bar pressure, more stable efficient drifting and less pull on the wave face. Improved overall balance with more sweep in the tips enhances drift, so when you’re surfing, it glides down the line, waiting for your bar input.

The Carve flies fast upwind and experienced riders will benefit from the kite’s impressive power and efficiency. Intermediate riders will find it offers a smoother, more user-friendly ride.

Freeride and Strapless Freestylers will love the light reactive steering, longer bar stroke, improved hangtime and catch for rotations and softer landings.

“The Carve is a very fast & direct kite which is perfect for wave riding, it’s also my go to kite for a strapless freestyle session as it has a lot of hang time.” – Capucine Delannoy, Women’s World Champion

Watch the Carve Designer Notes with Kite Designer Dano See and Brand Director Mike Raper.

CARVE 2024
24 NORTH24 PH SF FRANCK BERTHOUT 1628 - North launches 2024 Surf Collection and new Carve


Sizes: 5’5, 5’7, 5’9, 5’11

Engineered for larger waves, the Charge Pro with Futurelite technology is a high-performance dedicated surf shape with fast response, speed and drive that delivers a smooth, powerful ride with a positive feel in critical turns. It also excels at carving, driving upwind, onshore riding, and is versatile enough for aerial tricks.

“The Charge is smooth to ride yet sharp during the turns, it also goes upwind very fast which allows to catch a lot of waves during a session.”– Capucine Delannoy

Watch North Surfboard Designer Notes Video with North Shaper Jaimie Scott and Product Manager Uli Sommerlatt.

38 NORTH24 PH SF FRANCK BERTHOUT 0032 - North launches 2024 Surf Collection and new Carve


Sizes: 4’10, 5’0, 5’2

The Comp Pro Dynalite is engineered for a single purpose: strapless freestyle performance. Faster feedback. Explosive pop. Ultra-thin, durable, and responsive, the Comp has a refined low-volume shape to help you execute the most impressive freestyle tricks in every condition.

“This is a strapless machine. The board is extremely light and fast, responsive with a low volume to be able to provide the maximum amount of control when performing a trick. It’s the epitome of performance for strapless freestyle” – Camille Delannoy.

6 NORTH24 PH SF FRANK BERTHOUT 3966 - North launches 2024 Surf Collection and new Carve


Sizes: 5’1, 5’3, 5’5

Your one-board quiver. Light and fast with an immediate and responsive feel, the Cross lets you drive effortlessly upwind, carve a tight turn or smack the lip. Instantly familiar, intuitive and easy to ride, this smooth carving and super comfortable all-round freeride board blends the line effortlessly between surf, freeride and strapless freestyle, so you can nail it in every condition.

“This board makes bad conditions feels like a dream. Big turns, air, freestyle: the Cross does it all. Straightforward and easy to use, it’s the perfect ‘do-it-all’ board.” – Camille Delannoy


Size: M, L

These lightweight honeycomb core thruster surf fins are designed to maintain the flex characteristics of a glass fin with optimum strength to weight ratio. View here


Straight 6’ surf leash with double swivels and comfortable fast-release ankle cuff. View here


Lightweight cushioned straps featuring seamless KnitFlex inners, The Free Straps let you customise your fit and stance, giving you freedom to move and shred in every condition. View here

At North, we know what it takes to commit to the unknown. We obsess over the details, so you can enjoy the ride. Engineered. Refined. Intuitive.

View North 2024 Surf Collection

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