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north navpro p3 - North Navigator Pro

North Navigator Pro

North introduces the Navigator Pro; A universally compatible control system with auto-unwind.

When you’re designing a new control bar, safety, comfort, ease of use, and performance are all front of mind. With durable and modular parts that are easy to replace, to ensure you and your bar enjoy a longer lifespan. The new Navigator Pro from North is an engineering breakthrough – 20% lighter, 20% stronger, and safer than ever.

“Our team has poured more than 20 years of research, three years of development, and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of on-water testing into this system, redesigning and improving 70% of the 130 parts that go into it,” says Director of Engineering Hugh Pinfold.

north navpro a1 1200x754 - North Navigator Pro
north navpro p1 - North Navigator Pro

The new pro-version of the Navigator is now easier to use and packed full of new features – like the front-line auto untwist.

For the smoothest sheeting and most reliable form of auto-unwind, your Depower Main Line and Landing Line now run inside individual tubes, made from the highest-quality,durable, wear-resistant TPU and stacked front to back for comfortable, one-handed flying.

“To enable the auto-unwind, we’ve introduced a high-quality custom-made ceramic bearing into the QR handle. The ceramic has a super hard surface, so it won’t get damaged by sand; it’s also corrosion-resistant,” says Hugh.

The new Quick Release design helps to eliminate any accidental release and reduces accidental unhooking. And with its Low-V setup, you can use this bar with just about any kite, any brand. If your kite has a High-V, you simply need to add a High-V Splitter to your front lines.

north navpro p2 - North Navigator Pro


Front-line auto-unwind
20% lighter and 20% stronger
Safest single-action reload QR
New highest quality SK99 Dyneema Pro Lines
Max-traction comfort grip
Modular Toolless InterLoop system
Universally compatible with any kite*
Smoother trimming action
Super wear-resistant
Nautical colour coding
Eliminates accidental release
Reduces accidental unhooking

*Check your kite’s user manual and pair it with the High-V Split Kit if needed.

north navpro p4 - North Navigator Pro

20% Lighter. 20% Stronger

Our minimalist design is optimised for weight savings. The over-moulded one piece bar features a lightweight internal truss structure, and smooth, strong, wear-resistant stainless steel centrepiece with titanium PVD-coating.

Universally compatible

Use your Navigator Pro with any kite. The Navigator Pro Control System features a Low-V split, which is compatible with most other kites. If your kite has a High-V setup, we recommend using the North High-V Split Kit accessory to adapt your front lines.

north navpro a2 1200x754 - North Navigator Pro

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