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Oswald Smith’s Signature Capsule

One of the industry’s greatest creatives: Ozzie Smith’s new MYSTIC Signature Capsule is unveiled…

New harness, Boardshorts & Tee

Introducing the latest signature drop, in collaboration with our legendary team rider Oswald Smith. Ozzie came up with the concept for his capsule: ‘Beautiful to some, randoms shit to others.’ An ode to the freedom of expression tailored to your own terms. Embracing a psychedelic feel, featuring specially curated black and white artwork, purple highlights, and a pair of lips. Shop the harness, boardshorts, and tee below.

p8 - Oswald Smith's Signature Capsule
p4 1 1200x754 - Oswald Smith's Signature Capsule

“Interpretation is in the eye of the beholder, it cannot exist without you, you define it, how it makes you feel. That is what it is. Beautiful to some, random shit to others.”

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