2016 Nobile NHP Split

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NHP split thumb - 2016 Nobile NHP Split

It is fair to say that the world has gone a little bit crazy for these splitboards over the last 18 months. Originally pitched as a good option for traveling, kiters are also realizing that having a split board just makes life a bit easier (especially if, like this one, they come in a nice bag!) – you can fit everything in the car more easily and when you get home you can fit it into a cupboard…

The NHP is Nobile’s hugely successful freeride board and has been given a rework for 2016 but still has the freeride-fun philosophy at its heart. For the split there is the patented 2nd generation W-connection which Nobile (and nice to see some straight-up facts here) say increases flex by around 20%. But this is a freeride board so that is no bad thing.

On the water the NHP Split provides a very comfortable ride, the rocker is generous so it sucks up chop and the asymmetric shape, bottom contours and double concaves all combine to provide excellent upwind performance – you can really dig in and drive the NHP Split. For boosting you can really load and, although you are never going to get the same pop as the more wakestyle driven models (such as the 50/Fifty) you get a nice release and the NHP sends you up. For landings the NHP Split is super-forgiving and really wants to see you ride away.

IN A SENTENCE: Pure freeride fun with excellent boosting credentials – would you know it was a split-board if you couldn’t see the W-Connection? Unlikely…

TKM12 COB Nobile NHP Split - 2016 Nobile NHP Split
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