Cabrinha Double Agent

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cab prof - Cabrinha Double Agent

The Double Agent is Cabrinha’s expansion into the foil market. They have gone for a durable design that is fun to ride, easy to use and easy to travel with. Out of the bag you’ll notice the compression molded deck, aluminum mast and fuselage, and fiberglass wings are sturdy and durable. This won’t be a the lightest board on the rack but it also won’t leave you with buyers remorse either.

The ‘double’ in Double Agent refers to its dual purpose. When the foil is removed the board can be used as a surf/skimboard with Tri fin inserts for ripping in small waves, or as a skim board in flat water. When foiling, the first thing you’ll notice is that it floats. The beauty in having all the parts float is that the entire apparatus sits at an angle in the water making it easy to get in the straps and get moving. The next thing you may or may not notice right away is the low aspect front wing design slows down the planing speed, and this helps you get up on the foil quickly. So while you might not be saying, “Wow… low aspect wings…”, you will notice that it’s easy to get up on the foil. We wouldn’t say it has a massive amount of lift, and even at slow speeds it requires some back foot pressure and you’ll need to have your back foot close to the tail. However, it’s nowhere near as technical as some of the more high performance boards. And once you’re up and foiling, the Double Agent is very stable. There’s no sign of it really wanting to break out and shoot skyward… It's designed for cruising and can do it all day long.

While you won’t break any speed records on the Double agent, which tops out around the 20mph mark, it covers plenty of ground in a free ride capacity and seems to be plenty technical for Damien LeRoy to get airborne and pull some incredible freestyle moves! There are faster foils out there for sure, but overall we would say that this is the perfect foil for a rider who wants an accessible foil with the ‘cruise’ philosophy at its core and doesn’t want to break the bank.

In a sentence: The Double Agent is a fun, durable foil without the premium price tag. It is perfect for cruising, will have you smiling, and will boost your foiling confidence guaranteed.

TKM13 COB Cabrinha Double Agent - Cabrinha Double Agent
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