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New in the twintip lineup for 2021, the CrazyFly Legend has replaced the Bulldozer as Posito Martinez’s pro model board for freestyle and wakestyle riding. On first glance, the Legend’s squared outline, rail channels and double concave at the tips make it clear that this board is truly focused towards a refined edge control and plenty of speed to ensure that the pop generated is large. A low rocker, less common in freestyle boards that often favor mid to high rocker, has been used and resultantly the access to speed when required is instant.

CNC-shaping of a Paulownia wood core sets the foundation of the Legend. CrazyFly’s Edge Control Track, used throughout the length of the board, forms a stepped channel on the center of the board. This creates the Legend’s superb upwind ability and directional stability as it tracks with minimal effort. Double concave at the tips locks in the flow of water over the fins and ensures that whether driving hard upwind or going for maximum pop, you’ve always got the grip you require as you load up the board.

A quad axial carbon laminate has been layered over the CNC’d wood core and the Legend is undoubtedly a stiff board because of it. The ride feels firm throughout, yet the response is dynamic and rewarding of any effort you drive into the board with an explosive release off the water. This is a board designed to be ridden with power and is best paired with boots to get the most of it. Precision comes naturally and you’ll find that its easy tracking will take you cleanly into and out of any trick.

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