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Aimed at the freestyle market, the Master V4 had the highest rocker out of the boards we received from Eleveight. Its construction, while solid, is lightweight and its flex is generous towards the tips. This is a board that works very well for lighter riders that may struggle to get a response out of the especially stiff boards out in the freestyle market. It is easy loading, but also reaps an unsparing pop from its very positive reflex. Beneath its aesthetically pleasing, UV protective top sheet, they have layered a spread tow carbon stringer and biax glass; this is then complimented by layers of biax glass laminates beneath the wood core for a torsionally controlled and strong reflex.

At its base, the Master V4 features ample base shaping to create a controlled and well-driven ride with great upwind ability. Its medium rocker is combined with a smooth double concave and channeling at the tips and rails. The Master V4 has a multi-stage rocker and this supports the smooth landings whilst making turns and carves very satisfying, allowing you to attack the chop without losing grip and being doused by spray. The ride is comfortable, neither lacking for grip nor latching itself down on the water surface. 

Overall, the Eleveight Master V4 rides smooth, and is forgiving on the knees on hard landings. Don’t mistake this for a calm cruiser, though; its well-defined double concave and rail channels fire the water flow into tip channeling for it to dose out controlled aggression aplenty as you hold the edge for a good strong pop. For anyone who likes rocker and the ability to edge and pop hard, without sacrificing comfort through the ride or landings, this board does just that.

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