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“With this configuration your Cruizer will react to the smallest input but still stays stable at high speeds.” A statement from the Levitaz website that could be used to sum up the Cruizer Pro in one sentence! It really is ‘super reactive’. As with many Levitaz products, the unboxing and setup gets you excited to get on the water before you’ve even got to the beach, thanks to the high-end feel of everything in the box.

On the water, the shortened fuselage and smaller bionic rear wing increase the pitch sensitivity compared to most foils, and allow for fast adjustments and sharp carving turns. It feels very comfortable at speed and encourages you to ride fast even when riding strapless. For those that have already learnt to swap feet without touching down on a steadier setup, it shouldn’t take long to adjust to the Cruizer Pro by slow-ing down before committing to the turns, especially in flat-ish waters. The only time I found myself out of my comfort zone was in choppier tidal waters when the foil felt thrown around a little by below-the-surface water movements (more so than Levi-taz’s Shaka S for example which ploughed through the chop more confidently when tested back to back). During testing the Cruizer Pro was bolted to the new Exo Pocket board, an even smaller version of the very popular Exo. The Exo Pocket really is standing room only. At only 96cm long and 44.5cm wide, you’ll find your back foot slammed right up against the kickpad and your front foot not far from the nose! Don’t get me wrong, this setup is not the perfect choice for a beginner kite foiler even with straps, but in-termediates will love the feel of the compact shape once up foiling. Whilst the volume is carefully distributed, the small size results in a board that only feels comfortable performing touchdown foot changes in flat waters and with good board speed. On the plus side, once foiling, it feels like the Exo pocket connects you so directly to the foil below and you can feel exactly what’s going on. The standing area underfoot is just enough to not leave you wishing for more when performing foiling footwork and the whole deck pad with integrated kickpad is one of nicest I’ve seen.

If you’re an intermediate kite foiler who wants their foil to do exactly what they tell it to do, at the exact moment they shift their weight, this is definitely a contender!

Usable speed range levitaz 2 - LEVITAZ CRUIZER PRO AND EXO POCKET
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