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The Shotgun Carbonara is Lieuwe’s carbon-coated, fast and direct freeride board. The increased stiffness of this board, thanks to its triaxial carbon layup, allows the board to grip hard as you lock in your edge and load against the kite without spilling energy out of the board. The takeoff is impressive as a smooth release sends you soaring towards the clouds and allows for some serious airtime. While you’re up there, the low weight of this board allows for some dreamy inversions and tweaks to style out your boost time. On your return back to earth, the moderate rocker allows for a controlled, fast and satisfyingly slap-free landing that has little negative board flex. 

While the Carbonara is faster and more agile underfoot than its sister, the Shotgun, the same outline is used and its tapered tips allow it to cut through chop easily. The effect is a silky smooth ride that allows you to maintain speed in comfort. It locks in beautifully as you carve around and has an abundance of grip, drive and flex, thanks to its single concave 3D shaped paulownia wood core with stepped rail that leads into flex tips topped with carbon. For those that like to boost high and dabble in some freestyle, the pop does not disappoint. You get a super clean and consistent release that is essential for those unhooked maneuvers. 

While faster than most dedicated freestyle boards, the Carbonara is a great crossover thanks to its precise feedback, progressive load and smooth landings. Overall, the Carbonara remains a true all-rounder that is as much fun on the water as it is soaring through the air.  

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