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The Atmos Carbon is North’s premium standard intermediate twintip focusing on Big Air and freeride. Utilizing the same design as the Hybrid, but laminating it with carbon, gives the board more responsiveness and a higher performance focus.

With a single mild concave running to the tips, giving you excellent rail grip, the Atmos Carbon feels connected and drives forward with ease. This translates to giving it great upwind ability and a fantastic ability to load up on power as you start sending the kite. When you are loading for pop you stay planted, with good feedback, thanks to the quad channels in the tips and the medium rocker, which runs the whole length of the board and allows effective load up and release.

Being the higher performance version of the Hybrid, the Carbon has swapped the E-glass layering for biaxial carbon fiber and keeps the unidirectional carbon reinforcements, combining to result in increased stiffness in both directions, longitudinally and torsionally, which gives it more response and a lively ride. Full carbon construction means the Atmos Carbon can be ridden with a lot of power but still be positive and connected with an extremely fast and hard pop.

The Atmos Carbon has a nice smoothness to its ride thanks to only a little concave on the base and subtle channeling in the tips. These make for a controlled and smooth landing when positioned properly downwind and pressured at the back to engage those channels. Those less technical in their landings can find that the loose feel midstance can lead to some skipping out if they touch down unbalanced and coordinated.

Hooked-in freestyle and Big Air is exactly what The Atmos Carbon was designed for and performs best at; if you are after a low-speed unhooked pop board it would be better to check out something wider and more channeled with full freestyle focus. The Atmos Carbon is perfect for intermediate riders looking to jump bigger and better and increase their skills, and its insane response and feedback also ensure that it will be a great choice for ‘max power’ riders too.

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