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North Reach - North Reach

For the few years the North Reach has been about, it has upheld a stellar reputation as the do-it-all ‘desert island kite’. A number of design changes this year such as a revised arc shape and lighter weight materials have produced a significant improvement in speed and response, proving the 2024 Reach is still at the forefront of performance and versatility for the all-rounders among us.

The Reach is a medium-high aspect design with subtly swept wingtips and a short pulleyless bridle. The attention to detail is immediately obvious and the panel cuts on the canopy blend into the leading edge in a clean and efficient entry. Thin and lightweight Duralite seam protection has been thoughtfully placed on the struts and leading edge to enable peace of mind at some of the more kite-unfriendly spots. Larger sizes have been specifically lightwind optimized and the lighter weight two-ply N-HTRS canopy material and N-Max Dacron has led to notable enhancement in the lower portion of the wind range, without compromising on durability. The Reach reliably drives forward in the wind window and needs no persuasion to sit steady when the wind gets marginal, proving itself a kite foil machine whatever the weather.

The low bar pressure makes the kite feel extremely light and effortless to fly, though at the expense of some bar feedback which took a little time to get used to. It didn’t take long however for the impressively direct and playful steering to win me over. The short bridle results in a kite that steers almost instantaneously, with a tight arc that maintains a reliably consistent pull. This, coupled with decent drift and a predictable loop, stands this kite in good stead to be very fun in the waves.    Despite such nimble reaction, the Reach feels by no means twitchy, and the improved canopy tension results in excellent stability. Even in very gusty conditions rendering many kites jarring and unpleasant to ride, the Reach remained remarkably smooth and resisted stalling despite some rather funky crashes.

Jumping is a simple sheet-and-go affair and the mid-to-high aspect profile allows ample height and hangtime for a three-strut kite. Its light and predictable nature leads you to feel like you could harness shedloads of power and, when the wind picked up, a fast yet relatively gentle kiteloop with unfailingly consistent drive that merged seamlessly into an ultra-reliable recovery means you can have confidence in a way few 9s allow, even in very marginal Big Air conditions. This makes it an ideal kite for those looking to throw their first loops, though perhaps leaving more advanced riders wanting more.

It is easy to see why this kite is becoming an ever more familiar sight at our beaches and high profile riders such as Nick Jacobsen are choosing it over the more specialized kites in the collection. The North Reach has yet again set the bar high for the range of performance and versatility possible to squeeze out of a single kite.

North Reach 2024 - North Reach
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