Reedin SuperModel HTF

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Reedin SuperModel - Reedin SuperModel HTF

The SuperModel HTF feels like one of the most anticipated releases of the season, and there is a really good reason for that. Reedin has been making waves in the kite industry over the last three years, and the SuperModel HTF feels like the culmination of their journey.

If you have seen any of the latest Reedin campaigns you will have noticed that ‘kite perfection’ has been at the forefront of this year’s collection! With the SuperModel HTF leading the charge. And how can perfection not be the goal when you have 2x World Champ and 3x King of the Air, Kevin Langeree as the co-founder? This is a guy who knows exactly what he wants from his kites, and this year the SuperModel HTF (Hybrid Torsion Frame) has taken a completely new approach to frame construction; this concept is thanks to an in-depth analysis of how a kite turns. We could ramble on about the science behind it all, but episode #289 of Kitesurf365 does an incredible job of breaking it down for you.

Kite designer Damien Girardin has absolutely embraced the industry’s love for new materials by using stiffer 300D Dacron in the center of the leading edge to create rigidity, allowing the kite to remain incredibly stable throughout the wind window as well as eliminating the fear of the leading edge collapsing in on itself during those winter storms. The leading edge is complemented by a tighter weaved 150 Denier polyester yarn called FlexLite in the wingtips, torsion zone as well as the flex struts, which allows for more twist in the kite resulting in a more direct turn, allowing you to send the kite around the window faster than ever before, whilst having the confidence it will catch you no matter what. The struts have not only got narrower from the previous model but are now constructed out of the same 150D FlexLite material in a move to liven up the kite, without making it feel nervous or unpredictable in the air. The bridles have also had some consequential upgrades this year to create a quicker reaction between the kite and bar input; this was done by pre-stretching pure Dyneema lines that have been weaved at a low angle.

We tested the SuperModel HTF 9m in a range of conditions, from a lightwind wave session to a 35-knot stormy session, and we can confidently say it performed well in every situation we threw it at. In the lightwind wave riding sessions, the SuperModel’s key characteristic of swinging out of turns and generating power allowed us to power around with speed on tap, helping us to accelerate out of our bottom turns with generous amounts of time to position ourselves to smash the lip as the kite predictably climbed its way up the window, whilst we always remained in precise control of the kite. In more classic conditions, the SuperModel HTF also surprised us with its ability to drift down the line in a smooth constant flow with zero unexpected grunts – no matter how much slack we threw at it – while the incredible light bar pressure allowed for very easy and precise handling that let us truly enjoy a more surf-focused session without us having to muscle the kite into position. The SuperModel HTF comes with three steering options which we played around with and discovered that, surprisingly, the characteristic style of the sweeping turn didn’t change drastically at all, but the settings allowed us to keep the same turning properties whilst having complete control over how much pressure is translated to the bar.

For the Big Air session, we took the 9m out in 30 to 35 knots and felt completely safe, with the high-end capabilities of the SuperModel HTF proving very impressive. The kite reacted almost identically to how it had on the lighter wind days which is a remarkable feat, allowing for an instant intuitive connection that normally takes a few sessions to feel. The precision and responsiveness of the kite, along with the shape of the wingtips, allowed us to throw the kite more aggressively into our jumps, with more and more confidence. The SuperModel HTF felt at home as it transferred that generated speed into vertical lift, boosting us higher than before (and yes we have the WOO records to prove it!). That lofty vertical lift was followed by an impressive ability to glide through the air, not only sending us a notable distance downwind but keeping us afloat for a thrilling amount of time, perfect for those extra late rotations. The HTF had a remarkably reliable ability to fly forward in the window and catch us time and time again, no matter if we mistimed our safety loop or held in the bar a little too long. Thanks to this, the SuperModel HTF has made progression incredibly accessible; not only has it minimized the risk factor by being such a reliable, intuitive and forgiving kite, but it has made the kiting experience that much more enjoyable for the regular rider.

The SuperModel HTF is going to do everything you want it to do, without any surprises along the way. This allows almost any rider to feel at home with the kite in just a few minutes, no matter if you are on the water every other weekend, or have dreams of being the next world champ. It is a very predictable kite that won’t punish you for believing you can fly. On the contrary, it left us feeling more like a, ahem, SuperHero out on the water than we deserved.

Reedin SuperModel HTF - Reedin SuperModel HTF
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