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800 x 5001 - RRD RELIGION MKV

RRD’s Religion has been a favorite in the surf for many years offering a ‘no compromise’ kite for those who don’t want to do anything but ride waves… We tested the Religion in a range of wind strengths and primarily in crosshore conditions.

The Religion’s build quality is tough without being weighty, with additional reinforcements evident this year and with bombproof looking seams. There is the addition of Velcro on the sleeves which cover the clips on the tubes linking the leading edge to the struts – this is effective in stopping these from twisting when deflating and stops general flapping around too. Weight wise and the Religion continues to be a notably light kite. The Global bar is simple and effective, with no ‘whistles and bells’ and with function the priority. The clam cleat is easy and effective to use and the elasticated depower line keeps things tidy.

On the water and the agility of the Religion is impressive. The Religion has always been the kind of kite to spin round on demand, and the new leading edge design gives you more feedback with this. The feeling is very direct and you can easily place the kite where you want it to be. The low end of the Religion isn’t super-pokey and if conditions are marginal then you will need to put in a couple of good strokes to get it going if you need to get up to speed quickly. The top-end of the Religion has always been a plus and continues to be and, unlike other wave-kites, it will not start hauling you around as you reach the upper limit and you can still ride waves comfortably when you are stacked. The trademark on/off is still there and it is as easy to tune in to as ever. It is a really pleasant kite in that respect – even having not ridden a Religion for a few months you immediately feel at home with it.

The Religion’s forté for us has always been in ‘good’ conditions and luckily we had a few good days for the test. Sitting nice and deep in the window, the Religion just loves to head off the wind and lead the way down the line. The on/off is a real asset here, but the Religion is also set up to sit in the ‘sweet spot’ here and to not get in your way as you work your way down the line. On more onshore conditions we would suggest riding a size bigger than you might think but, if the power is there, then the on/off and quick turning mean that you can power yourself around and get to the sections that you want to hit.

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