Slingshot Vision 2017

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vision prof - Slingshot Vision 2017

The Vision is Slingshot’s ‘performance all-round’ twin tip. It’s designed for riders who do a bit of everything, but do it to a good standard. It has been in the range for a while now and it has always been a board that we have looked forward to checking out as it generally provides a really accessible high performance experience.

In terms of construction, the Vision has the super tough Dura-Light base, it has the NACA laser cut channels and it has the new Bedrock insert mounting system which has helped Slinghsot to bring the weight of the board down without compromising the strength or integrity. The Vision has a relatively flat bottom with a decent amount of rocker.

On the water and these features, coupled with the stiff wood core, give the Vision an insane amount of pop. It is possibly one of the most dynamic freestyle twin tips on the market. Then the design is clever as it doesn’t seem to suffer in the upwind department considering the fact that it looks like it could struggle with the amount of rocker. This is in part due to the 50mm fins, although we felt that you could get away with smaller fins as, with the channels and the outline, the board still trucks upwind well. For freestyle moves, the Vision continues to be a jumping machine – it gives you the confidence to ride fast and hold that edge, and to reap the rewards of some incredible pop. Whether you’re boosting or keeping the kite low, you have as much pop as you need – it’s up to you how you want to use it… With the NACA channels the landing is then super smooth and we found you could ride out of even the sketchiest landing. Also, if you are out in surf then the Vision is a surprising amount of fun and carves really well due to the rocker line. So a bit of a bonus feature there!

IN A SENTENCE: The Vision continues to be a superb board for intermediate and above riders who want plenty of performance but also want a little bit of forgiveness for when things don’t go quite to plan.

Slingshot Vision - Slingshot Vision 2017
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