Ultimate Test #3 - Lightweight Kites

Kites for those light thermal days when you want to get on the water on your twin tip or your foil... It's a brave new world out there with the light kite revolution!

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Long established Slovakian kite brand CrazyFly have had the Infinity range in the brand for a few years now, and build the kites in their very own on-site production facility. It sports the lightest weight per size in the CrazyFly range, and the emphasis is on light wind and low end, and has applications across

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RRD have dabbled with strutless and single-strut kites for several years in the Emotion model, and have produced some classics along the way. The Emotion has now settled on a single-strut design and is pitched as a more versatile option with more of a cross-discipline application than simply being foiling-specific. The build is the RRD

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With the popularity of hydrofoiling literally soaring, the mono-strut concept continues to spread through the kite industry like wildfire, and the X Lite from Fehrman Island’s most famous kite brand is a solid debut. It’s a kite dedicated to freeride hydrofoil use, which let’s face it, is most of the feed in for the kite

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It is no secret Tony Logosz is a man that loves foiling, and last year Slingshot released their first single-strut foiling-specific kite in the form of the Ghost, to complement their huge range of kite foils. The UFO builds (or rather reduces) from that platform, losing the middle strut to become completely strutless. It is

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Polish powerhouse Nobile, perhaps most famous for their twintip boards, have developed an increasingly complete kite and hydrofoil line up. The One, slightly unsurprisingly, is a mono-strut kite geared, as this product sector usually is, for lightwind free riding, early low end and hydrofoil use. But that’s where adopting a formula in line with the

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Tony Logosz at Slingshot has been hydrofoil obsessed for much longer than most, and produces an enormous range of cross-discipline flying equipment in the Slingshot range. So it was only a matter of time before they decided to fill a little gap in their product range and release a foiling-specific inflatable kite in the form

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The Contra has been in the Cabrinha range since the dawn of time, I remember vividly a friend’s 16.5m high aspect C shape with a huge crossover bridle and many struts, in the early noughties, that was the forefront of light wind technology at the time, and that has been the model’s modus operandi ever

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The Mono is back for 2021, the proven single-strut platform focusing on ease of use, early flying and pure simplicity. This year materials-wise all the inflatable tubes are made from LITE Dacron, which has a wider check pattern, alongside the proven Trinity TX canopy material that is used widely across the Duotone range. Wingtip bungees

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The F-ONE mono-strut staple Breeze reaches its third version. With F-ONE a brand with such an extensive and successful hydrofoil range, it would be daft not to have an exceptionally capable lightwind kite like the Breeze.  The Breeze has had some light fettling from the V2 in the subtle and incremental way F-ONE tend to

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