Ultimate Test #3 - Freeride Boards

Boards to take you from your first run through to your first rotations...

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New to the line up, the FLOW is Flysurfer’s entry freeride twintip. It is designed to cover a wide range of riding levels from total beginners to first unhooked freestyle moves. It features a low rocker, square rounded tips, parallel outline, and ultralight construction combined with a dynamic flex. It is fine-tuned and really comfortable

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The mutant has been a board design that has phased in and out of favor several times over the course of kiting history. For those uninitiated it usually takes the form of a slightly longer than usual twintip board with a directional bias, so it has a longer nose like a surfboard. With the Super

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NAISH SWITCH 138 | 142

Now into its second year, the Switch is a highly versatile freeride board in Naish’s exceptionally large twintip range. Great for those that share gear or want to be able to get out for both lightwind freeriding and some powered high-wind sessions. The Switch is basically two boards in one, featuring one long rail and

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Carrying the Prime through into their 2021 equipment line up, North Kiteboarding have maintained the easy riding, progression enhancing style that should rightfully make it a winner at the feet of any beginner to intermediate rider.  The classic freeride outline with low rocker, single concave and pulled in tips make the Prime immensely enjoyable as

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The Eleveight Process is the definition of a freeride progression board. This is the board that we all know we should get to improve our riding, but we often skip because we aspire to ride what our idols have strapped to their feet. The Process will have you up and riding quickly, and will help

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