Ultimate Test #3 - All Round Freeride Kites

Kites that are right for 90% of riders: whether you are starting out or like to mix up your riding styles, these are accessible and fun kites.

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Ocean Rodeo have changed the game materials-wise with the introduction of the ALUULA fabric, and with the HL-Series have implemented the fabric in an interesting way, blending it into the airframe alongside traditional Dacron, equating to a 20% weight saving on a standard construction kite. The ALUULA material is implemented in strips longways on the

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The Sculp has been a mainstay for the Slovakian brand for many years, and is likely to be their most universal and best-selling model. They are the only brand we are aware of that manufacture in Europe, and have a great open door policy on their factory. Kites purchased from new still include an industry

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The Moto has been a stable product in the Cabrinha range for mixed genre riding, and our test team always admired the lighter bar feeling and the ability to throw it around the wind window without serious consequences, giving you the ability to throw some hero loops without ruining your knees. The latest incarnation retains

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The Rally has been a mainstay in the Slingshot range for over a decade, and the previous model perhaps displayed the biggest design overhaul of its lifespan, really bringing it up to speed as a far more modern freeride contender and confidently earning its GT badge. They have clearly been proactive with product development again

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Polish board giants Nobile are assigning fresh names to all their LEI kites across the range this year and the V-Ride replaces the previous T5 and improves upon the three-strut hybrid platform aimed for fun and uncomplicated freeriding. The T5 has had a serious lineage stretching back over a decade for Nobile and has had

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The Evo is a long established kite, firmly placed in the competitive performance all-rounder category in the Duotone range. This year it has the application of new SLS materials giving an overall weight saving of 15% on the standard Evo, extending the raw low end and promoting early stable flying. Ralf Grösel has redesigned the

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