Ultimate Test #3 - Wave Kites

Kites that spin on a dime, drift, and never fall out the sky. Check out the latest wave kite offerings here.

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This is the third iteration of the CORE Section from the German brand, and they’ve really built some pedigree into the latest model. The Section fits into their discipline-specific range, and is aimed as a pure wave kite. This year the bridle has had a good trim down and is now very compact. The major

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North Carve

New Zealand currently seems like a development hotbed for all things wind-related and North Kiteboarding’s product development is firmly rooted over there with a plethora of excellent wave conditions on offer. This is the wave-specific North Carve’s second incarnation, but don’t look at it as anything close to a difficult second album, as Pat Goodman

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Canada’s favorite kite brand have been not so quietly developing the new ALUULA airframe material for a while now, and we have been eager to get our hands on it. The A-Series kites are offered as a premium option over the existing models in the Ocean Rodeo range, and in this case the already solid

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Naish are a brand synonymous with wave riding with a rich Hawaiian heritage stretching back to the very inception of kiting, and have always been eager to push the wave riding side of the sport. The Slash has done at least five years as a model and for S25 Naish have applied much of the

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The SST has been a feature of the Slingshot range for several years now and the 2020 sees the fifth incarnation of this benchmark wave kite. Aimed fairly squarely at wave riding, with a decent application for foiling, the SST has always had wide application of use, stretching into freeride. The main change this year

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The Neo has been an industry benchmark wave kite with a solid competition history in both pure wave and strapless freestyle, as well as some big names free surfing on Maui. It is definitely a well-documented benchmark product, but with this year’s introduction of the SLS range from Duotone, we were eager to see how

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F-ONE made a great decision when they split their long-established Bandit range by discipline and developed last year’s surf-specific Bandit S. It produced a more focused product that has been well received by wave purists and strapless freestylers alike. F-ONE have never a brand to stand still with regards to their product development; the next

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