Ultimate Test #3 - Freestyle Boards

If boots and handle passes are your bag, then check out the very best freestyle board options...

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The Boards


Fresh to the 2021 collection, the Nobile Gamechanger is a board dedicated to freestylers and wakestylers. Its sintered base makes it durable enough to handle sliders, and a wakestyle rocker combined with deep channeling inset far from the rail to create large flat sections, makes the board ideal to be pressed flat for control on

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For 2021 the Monarch remains Naish’s pro performance freestyle twintip. Standing true by the hearts of its followers, it has a new top shape that strengthens the board for harder landings and provides more consistency in its flex. The FTC 2.0 CNC’d shaping of its predecessor is gone and a thicker, stronger core remains. Not

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Lieuwe have a wealth of experience building premium and custom kiteboards. After more than a decade of shaping they are truly masters of their craft and the Say No More is no exception to this. So few brands achieve the clean wood aesthetic that Lieuwe have achieved, and many opt to hide the air pockets

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The Lieuwe Oceana is a true ‘rider’ board. For the Big Air riders and freestylers, this is a board that exceeds expectations across both disciplines, without compromise – truly a master of all trades that will surely put a smile on your face. Unlike Lieuwe’s flagship board, the Shotgun, the Oceana adopts a squarer outline

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F-ONE WTF!? 136

It is no secret that our test team have been fond of the WTF!? freestyle board, and this year is no different. Few performance boards are quite as forgiving, and its most redeeming aspect is that the confidence it inspires urges you to push your riding further knowing that it has your back. Despite its

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Aimed at the freestyle market, the Master V4 had the highest rocker out of the boards we received from Eleveight. Its construction, while solid, is lightweight and its flex is generous towards the tips. This is a board that works very well for lighter riders that may struggle to get a response out of the

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New in the twintip lineup for 2021, the CrazyFly Legend has replaced the Bulldozer as Posito Martinez’s pro model board for freestyle and wakestyle riding. On first glance, the Legend’s squared outline, rail channels and double concave at the tips make it clear that this board is truly focused towards a refined edge control and

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The Brunotti Pro X was one board we wanted to keep a little longer as it would have been great to try it out in 30+ knots, dialing into a smaller kite, but alas the wind gods did not allow that. This is the accessible freestyle board from Brunotti, and whilst it shares a lot

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