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Whether you're looking to boost your lap time around the race course or just looking for some accessible cruising fun, we've got you covered in our foil test section.

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The Foils

Alpinefoil 5.0 Access V2

Our test team find the new Access is perfectly tuned and well thought through...

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Moses Fluente T40

Solid, accessible, and plenty of performance to boot... our test team give the Fluente T40 the thumbs up!

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Cabrinha Double Agent

Our test team find the Double Agent to be a fun and well-priced foil

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Ketos Freeride 2

Top quality and accessible - The Freeride 2 scores big with our test team

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Liquid Force Rocket Fish

We find a versatile and well-balanced foil in the LF Rocket Fish

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North Foil LTD

Safe, accessible and bombproof... The North Foil LTD gets a thumbs up from the test team

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F-ONE Freeride 800

We're left smiling after testing the new F-ONE foil

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Foil 3 Spotz Tuna

We find a fast, confident, quality foil in the Tuna

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Levitaz clearly know their stuff when it comes to foils...

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Naish Hover Foil

Our test team find the new Naish Hover Foil a real confidence booster

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Zeeko White & Blue Edition

On test, we found the Zeeko foil is a wolf in sheeps clothing...

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Slingshot Hover Glide + Foiling Flight School

The Slingshot Foil Flight School package is versatile and great way in for early foilers...

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